Welcome to my page!
My name is Sachi, previously known as Lucielle or Xeshaire.
Xeshaire I only use as an online username!
My passion for digital art started back in 2009, I have since specialized in animals and creature art. Recently I started practicing humanoids as well to expand my drawing abilities, and am looking to add more variety to my list!In 2014 I picked up costume making and have made a variety of them so far. However, I no longer take commissions for these. Once I finish the last few projects I will make a few random critters and sell them for others to adopt.If you're looking for my digital templates, enamel pins, stickers, or keychains, then you will find the shop link above. I thank everyone for their support of purchasing these items!

Art Prices

★ Half-bodies are 75% of the price.
★ Heads are 30% of the price.
★ Canvas size may vary depending on pose.
★ Props are subject to extra charge.
★ Alt-versions cost extra depending on changes.
★ Custom character designs add $100-200 depending on complexity.


Price: $35
Size: 800x800 | 300dpi
Extra character(s): +$35
Wings: +$5
Super short proportions, very simplified.


Price: $50
Size: 1800x1800 | 300dpi
Extra character(s): +$50
Wings: +$10
Shading: +$25
Same as the mini but a bit more refined on details such as individual fingers, more fur, etc.

Colored sketch

Price: $75
Size: 2000x1600 | 300dpi
Extra character(s): +$75
Wings: +$10
Shading: +$25
Background: +$40 (flat colored)

Flat colored

Price: $150
Size: 2500x2000 | 300dpi
Extra character(s): +$100
Wings: +$15
Background: +$50 (flat colored)

Simple shaded

Price: $230
Size: 5000x4000 | 300dpi
Extra character(s): +$150
Wings: +$25
Background scenery: +$60

Fully shaded

Price: $350
Size: 8000x6000 | 300dpi
Extra character(s): +$200
Wings: +$50
Background: +$100

Reference sheets

Price: $300 front and back
Size: 4200 minimum | 300dpi
Wings: +$25
Extra headshots: +$65 each
Extra fullbodies: +$150 each
Small items: +$10 each


Anthro & Feral SpeciesOC x CanonFilth themes
Monsters & CreaturesComicsRobots/Transformers
HumanoidsShibariUnderage art
Mild GoreTV Show StylesThick lips
Unusual speciesMore than three charactersExtreme body proportions
Pixel ArtUrban BackgroundsVehicles

Some of these are subject to change depending on piece and context, mainly the maybe list.
See my FA commission tab for what I will and won’t draw for spicy content.

Commission Process

  1. I will go over the details to double-check the character works for me, as well as potential complexity fees.

  2. I will send an invoice through PayPal, unless it's paid through Ko-fi where payment is sent upon checkout.

  3. After receiving payment, I will then add it to my queue with a due date on which to expect it completed by.

  4. A rough sketch is sent for approval for the general pose idea. Again this is just for the pose, not the details.

  5. After the rough sketch has been approved, I will send a clean sketch that focuses more on the anatomy and details.

  6. Once that has been approved I complete the piece in one go. If more steps are required for approval please state so in the commission request, this may add 1-2 days of delay depending on when I receive a response.

  7. I sometimes send two files, one of which is marked public, and one private. The private one is only for you and should not be uploaded anywhere as it's the full resolution, whereby the public is a resized one with a more noticeable watermark. This is mainly for fully shaded pieces due to the larger resolution.


  • Unauthorized use of my work is prohibited.

  • I retain the right to decline/cancel a commission if I can't fulfill it for whatever reason.

  • Your commission is listed on my Trello, if you don't see it, send me a reminder!

  • My art is not to be used with Artifical Intillegence in any shape or form, no exceptions.


  • A full-body flat colored image of your character is required as a minimum to use as a reference.

  • Please send the largest reference file that I can use to colorpick the colors from.

  • I will not work with Second Life or other in-game screenshots as references.

  • I will not work with fursuit photos as a reference unless the pattern are simple.

  • A $20 fee is added if I need to work with text descriptions of a character.

Payments & Refunds

  • I only accept PayPaI, with the transaction sent as an invoice.

  • Full payment is required before you're added to the queue.

  • I no longer offer payment plans on commissions.

  • A full refund will only be issued if the sketch hasn’t progressed further.

  • If a full refund is issued, the sketch will be sold as a YCH for someone else to buy. You lose all rights to it.

  • A partial refund is sent if canceling beyond the sketch progress. Amount depends how much work is done.

  • If I decide to cancel the commission for whatever reason, a full refund is issued.

  • No refunds once the commission has been completed.


  • All work in progresses will be uploaded to the queue card, and sometimes my Discord server.

  • The customer receives a sketch for approval, unless the commission offer specified otherwise.

  • Unwanted / declined sketches are recycled to a YCH for the public to buy.

  • Completion time varies and depends on complexity of your commission. Usually 1-3 months.

  • Deadlines are no longer available. I can try to meet important event dates but no guarantee.

  • I do not give ETAs since people see these as concrete deadlines.

  • I will fix any errors that were my fault. If they were not my fault, then a fee may be charged. (E.g providing the wrong ref.)

Rights to the artwork

  • I have the right to upload your commission to my art accounts and portfolio with given credit where able to.

  • The customer has the right to reupload the artwork with credit to me. I'm on most sites with @Xeshaire

  • The customer may make small edits to the work such as cropping, hue changes, marking edits etc.

  • The customer may not make major edits such as alt-versions other large changes.

  • The customer may not use any stage of the art to use in Artifical Intelligence generators.

  • You may not make profit off of my work, that includes selling stickers, prints and other form of (virtual) money gain.

  • I do not work with commercial licenses to give rights to the artwork.

  • I do not give out the .PSD file under any circumstances.

  • Private commissions cost a 100% fee. I will not upload the art anywhere nor show WIPs to the public. Keeping it private until a certain date does not cost a fee as long as I can upload it later.

Template rights

  • No refunds after purchase of my bases, all files are confirmed to work.

  • Bases may be altered to your liking.

  • Do no redistribute my bases anywhere. This includes sharing with friends.

  • Only the original buyer retains the license to use the base(s).

  • You must credit me for the base everytime you use it by linking to my profile with @Xeshaire.

  • My bases may be used for adoptables, customs, trades, gifts, recolor commissions etc.

  • You may not sell merchandise with my bases, that includes pins, shirts, prints etc.

  • A $200 fee is required if you wish to use the base commercially to sell prints or other physical goods with.

Adoptable rights

  • Credit me for the design, you may not claim copyright even with alterations.

  • Please notify me if the design changes ownership to avoid potential confusion of theft.

  • Don't sell my designs for more than bought for unless you bought additional artwork for it.

  • You may change and alter the design however you desire, as long as I'm credited for the original design.

  • Do not use characters you get from me for profit. This includes getting pins made of them and selling for profit. If you wish to sell merchandise with a character I created we can discuss royalties.

Floff species rights

  • For Floffs and their rules please check the link here.

Comments or questions? Email me at:
The socials listed are the only ones I actively use.
Under no circumstances will I use Discord DMs or Telegram, sorry!