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Specialized in digital artwork since 2009
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About me

Hello! My name is Lucielle, I am a freelance artist that has been making artwork for over a decade now! I love bringing people's imagination to life, whether by canvas or costume, the end result is always fascinating to see how I can make it in my own style. Crafting and drawing are my favorite hobbies and I put a lot of passion into each project! Sometimes my projects can be slow because I want to perfect it!

Meeting new people is always exciting! If you would like to get to know me, feel free to send me a message! I may take a little while to respond since I'm all over the place, so I ask for a little patience! My Telegram handle is @Xeshaire, I will NOT use it to discuss commissions, sorry! Phatic messages I'd like to skip since they're usually the same answers, I rather get to the point and start chatting about topics!

My personal enamel pins

If you like my characters or collect pins in general then these may be for you!
They are for sale in my Etsy shop!

Art Prices

Extra characters are +50% unless stated otherwise.
NSFW does not add to the price except for Reference Sheets.
NSFW samples are on my FurAffinity account.

Click the images for full view!


Mini $50 | Flat $65 | Shaded $100 | Scenery $180

★ Minis are short-legged with black round eyes.
★ Regular chibis are smaller than my usual style with exaggerated head size, smaller legs etc.


Head $25 | Bust $40 | Fullbody $70

★ Colors +$20
★ Shading +$50
★ Scenery background +$100

★ My sketches are more refined than what's considered a sketch, they are labeled as such due to using the pencil brush and having some loose areas. They are close to being flat colors otherwise!

Sketch Pages

Standard $325 | Deluxe $500

★ Standard sketch page includes 3 fullbodies & 3 headshots.
★ Deluxe sketch pages come with 5 fullbodies, 5 headshots & small items like things the character likes, accessories, etc.


Head $60 | Bust $100 | Fullbody $150

★ Colored linework to match character
★ Simple texture background included


Head $120 | Bust $150 | Fullbody $200 | Full Scene $250-350

★ Clean shading with refined linework.
★ 4 thumbnail sketches are sent for choosing for full scenes only.
Meaning that heads, bust or full bodies only receive 1 sketch.
★ Extra character adds $100


Head $125 | Bust $175 | Fullbody $250 | Full Scene $350-500

★ Quick painted work while keeping it detailed.
★ 4 thumbnail sketches are sent for choosing for full scenes only.
Meaning that heads, bust or full bodies only receive 1 sketch.
★ Extra character adds $120

Reference sheets

Simple $150 | Standard $300 | Deluxe $450
NSFW adds $20 and includes a SFW version.

Reference sheets include name, gender, species and a color palette. Small info like personality traits can be added, but I will not add lengthy text that will clutter the sheet.

★ Simple: Chibi fullbody with cropped back and up to 4 close-ups.
★ Standard: Front, back, up to 4 close-ups.
★ Deluxe: Front, side, back, 3 head portraits, up to 4 close-ups, 3 likes and dislike items.

Close-ups are things that need to be drawn bigger to show details.


Didn't see what you were looking for? Shoot me a message with what you would like and we can discuss a price quote!


Anthro & FeralVoreWatersport/Scat
Animals & CreaturesComicsRobots/Transformers
Artistic Nudity HumansCub
Mild GoreTV Show StylesAbsorption
18+ WorkMore than three charactersExtreme Fat
Pixel ArtUrban BackgroundsVehicles


  • Unauthorized use of my work is prohibited.

  • Must be 18+ for NSFW work.

  • I retain the right to decline/cancel a commission if I can't fulfill it for whatever reason.

  • Your commission is listed on my Trello, if you don't see it, send me a reminder!


  • A full-body flat colored image of your character is required as a minimum to use as a reference.

  • Please send the largest reference file that I can use to colorpick the colors from.

  • I will not work with Second Life or other in-game screenshots as references.

  • I will not work with fursuit photos as a reference unless the pattern are simple.

  • A $20 fee is added if I need to work with text descriptions of a character.

Payments & Refunds

  • I only accept PayPal, with the transaction sent as an invoice.

  • Full payment is required before you're added to the queue.

  • I no longer offer payment plans on commissions.

  • A full refund will only be issued if the sketch hasn’t progressed further.

  • A partial refund is sent if canceling beyond the sketch progress. Amount depends how much work is done.

  • If I decide to cancel the commission for whatever reason, a full refund is issued.

  • No refunds once the commission has been completed.


  • All work in progresses will be uploaded to the queue card, and sometimes my Telegram channel.

  • The customer receives a sketch for approval, unless the commission offer specified otherwise.

  • Unwanted / declined sketches are recycled to a YCH for the public to buy.

  • Completion time varies and depends on complexity of your commission. Usually 1-3 months.

  • Deadlines are no longer available. I can try to meet important event dates but no guarantee.

  • I do not give ETAs since people see these as concrete deadlines.

  • Up to [5] revisions are allowed total, any more will result to fees unless I'm at fault.

Rights to the artwork

  • I have the right to upload your commission to my art accounts and portfolio with given credit where able to.

  • The customer has the right to reupload the artwork with credit to me. I'm on most sites with @Xeshaire

  • The customer may make small edits to the work such as cropping, hue changes, marking edits etc.

  • You may not make profit off of my work, that includes selling stickers, prints and other form of money gain.

  • I do not give out the .PSD file under any circumstances.

  • Private commissions cost a $50.00 fee. I will not upload the art anywhere nor show WIPs to the public. Keeping it private until a certain date does not cost a fee as long as I can upload it later.

Template rights

  • No refunds after purchase of my bases, all files are confirmed to work.

  • Bases may be altered to your liking.

  • Do no redistribute my bases anywhere. This includes sharing with friends.

  • Only the original buyer retains the license to use the base(s).

  • You must credit me for the base everytime you use it by linking to my profile with @Xeshaire.

  • My bases may be used for adoptables, customs, trades, gifts, recolor commissions etc.

  • You may not sell merchandise with my bases, that includes pins, shirts, prints etc.

  • A $200 fee is required if you wish to use the base commercially to sell prints or other physical goods with.

Adoptable rights

  • Credit me for the design, you may not claim copyright even with alterations.

  • Please notify me if the design changes ownership to avoid potential confusion of theft.

  • Don't sell my designs for more than bought for unless you bought additional artwork for it. If I catch you buying my designs just to sell for more, you'll be blacklisted from obtaining anything from me in the future.

  • You may change and alter the design however you desire, as long as I'm credited for the original design.

  • Do not use characters you get from me for profit. This includes getting pins made of them and selling for profit. If you wish to sell merchandise with a character I created we can discuss royalties.

my species Floxies and floffs

  • Floffs and Floxies have their own DeviantArt groups, click Floxies or Floffs for more info.

  • Floxies are a semi-open species, you can create your own with limited traits. More info here.

  • Floffs are a closed species and the only way to obtain one is through adoption or MYO events/slots.

  • If either of the species change ownership, a notification is a MUST to update the masterlist.

  • My species have their own ways to upgrade traits, check their FAQ on how to do so. Floxair FAQ - Floff FAQ